Our History

Sigma Tech is a locally owned and operated Information Technology services firm serving various organizations in Asia Pacific Region & Canada sub continent. Sigma Tech provides a range of IT-related services, utilizing proven methodologies to achieve world-class results. Sigma Tech 's principals have over eight decades of collective IT experience and have served dozens of clients in a variety of industries by bringing "Best Practices" to the selection, development, and deployment of client solutions. These solutions have provided true bottom-line results and measurable benefits to our clients.

Sigma Tech Consulting places great emphasis on assisting clients with high impact IT projects. Sigma Tech prides itself on helping the client identify, construct, and implement IT initiatives that result in a quick "payback" at an attractive ROI. This allows the client to reap benefits early and develop a degree of confidence that their IT investments can provide true, measurable benefits to their organization. Projects are often undertaken in a phased approach so that functional components can be funded separately and implemented rapidly.

Sigma Tech also takes pride in the development of our consulting staff. We take great care to hire "A+" players, capable of working at any level of the client organization and being self-sufficient in their areas of technical expertise. We provide the optimum mix of senior and mid-level talent to our engagements in order to provide the client with the best overall value.